Monday, October 1, 2007

Questions I've Answered This Week

....all courtesy of Cole.

"Mom, is this an apple?" (holding an apple)

"Can we have marshmallows on our macaroni and cheese?"

"Where is your heart if your Feeders are right there?"

Sometimes I think my life could not possibly get any stranger.


  1. Sometimes the answers are just so simple.

    I decided to start a new blog thanks to you. I just got it up today...I'm trying to think of things creative.

    You inspired me...



  2. Oh Kim, Rylee and I laughed out loud, we love checking your blog. Rylee asks for 2 blogs each day, her Auntie and yours. The pictures of your food inspire me as well, when my sleepiness wares off I will venture into the cooking-ahead waters! Love to you all.