Thursday, December 27, 2007

Maternity Leave

Hello to all, we are back after a brief maternity leave! Here is a photo of Baby Sean for your viewing enjoyment. Isn't he wonderful?!
What an amazing two weeks this has been! Sean's birth on December 12th signified the official beginning to our holiday. We still had a bit of shopping and planning to do, and certainly plenty of wrapping--but part of welcoming our new son meant giving ourselves plenty of grace in the details. A big, big thanks to the many families that made sacrifices of their own by bringing in meals for us so that we could concentrate fully on resting, healing, and loving our baby without getting bogged down by our basic needs. We have been so touched by your generosity.
Hope you all experienced much blessing this Christmas! I feel grateful this year to be given a better understanding: The celebration of Christmas has always been about the birth of a son. Sitting here in my warm house, nursing this sweet baby in the dark hours of the night....I feel like I finally get a glimpse of what Christmas really means. I hope your holiday was just as wonderful, and we look forward to seeing you in the new year!


  1. Congrats, I've been waiting to see him! #4 that impresses me! What a wonderful Christmas present to all of you! Sean is adorable!

  2. Okay, he is even cuter than he was last week! Hope you are resting still and taking it easy after Christmas! Lots of love to you.

  3. Oh Kim!!!! Sean is so cute!!! What a perfect gift you have been given by God. Can't wait to meet him in person (and hear your birth story!)whenever you guys are feeling up to it. You have come to mind so much since our last small group! Miss you- and love you lots! Kristie