Thursday, November 13, 2008

Heard Around The House....TODAY

Cole: "Mom, I think you get more wrinkles every day."

Reese: "Ow, I just hit myself in the sperm!"

Reuben: "Mine tea brown just like a toot-toot!"

It's not altogether a bad thing that Sean hasn't learned to talk yet.


  1. I was wondering what your youngest son's name was...

  2. Love those boys-comic relief on a daily basis...BTW do you need any bigger cloth diaper stuff? I have 9 listings on craigslist but should have checked with you to see if you need any of it-you are welcome to it. Keyword klstrovas. Let me know!

  3. dang, do they already know what a sperm is?? you are educating them good Kim!! LOL I know the girls have a lot of sayings too and great observations! too funny!

  4. that is so funny- i love the Reuben one the best. I'm still laughing!