Monday, November 30, 2009


Is it too late to post Halloween photographs? Am I within some sort of 30-day grace period or something?

Anyway. Here's Ari. Reese said, "Look, Mama, Ari is Almanzo's milk-fed pumpkin!"
I bought this costume for Ari partly because I thought it was adorable but mostly because his brothers fell in love with it and told me I just HAD to buy it for Ari, I just HAD to. Which I thought was sweet. It might be the first store-bought costume we've ever had???

And here's the rest of the crew in their self-made costumes:

Reuben: a Ski Ghost

Cole: a Ninja

Sean: a Worker Man (we made his costume)

Reese: a Spider King.

I took them Trick-or-Treating in Fairhaven on the afternoon of Halloween, and despite the gads of people, we got quite a few looks. A group of Japanese tourists even pulled Reuben aside, posed him against a pole, and took pictures of him. Ha!

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