Saturday, January 9, 2010

Five Little Acorns

I'm thinking it's about time to clean up this blog!
Hope your Christmas was merry!


  1. Kim,

    This picture is fabulous!!! You should put it on the sidebar permanently! :) You have a very handsome family.

    Love to you!!!


  2. What a great photo of the boys! Gosh, times flies, doesn't it?! ~Mina

  3. p.s. I like the sidebar of books read in 2010...thinking about adding another book section to my's fun going to different blogs and seeing what's being read, don't you agree? :) Also, I loved the Potato Peel Society book -- just finished reading it last Thursday. I didn't want the book to end and I didn't want to leave the characters behind..

  4. love, love, the photo!! can't believe how big the boys are getting! will i see you and sam soon?? :) mu calendar is pretty much free ...

  5. Love, love, love! How cute are they? Do you own those hats? Christopher just got one and I'm dying for the boys to have one too, they are so darling. I'm dreadfully tired of my blog look, I too love seeing what people are reading. Maybe I'll copy you with a list. We have pictures but it's too hard to update. I don't know how to do it.

    Good catching up this week. Playdate soon?

  6. Thanks, friends! No, the clothes aren't ours--they belonged to the photographer at one of those "old time" photo companies. The boys had such fun dressing up though, and we were so pleased with the pictures!

  7. I wondered if your title was going to change at some point. Incredible photo, your boys are so handsome! Your oldest looks so much like Juston it's amazing!

  8. Adorable! Too cute for words! I hope your Christmas was fun and I wish you a wonderful year, full of blessings, challenges, growth, hope and love.

    Hopefully we can see your family some time this year! Much love--

    Aunt Vicky