Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday Here

Mama: "Cole! Reese!"

Boys: "What?!"

Mama: "Are you finished watching Prancer?"

Cole: "Yes."

Mama: "Then why is the TV on? And the DVD player on? Come upstairs and turn everything off, please."

Cole: "But I thought it was like a theatre. I thought we could just leave."

Mama: "Then please pay your $8.50."


Reuben (running into the kitchen frantically): "Mom! Mom! Sean is giving his breakfast to Ari!"

Mama: "Well, isn't that nice."

Reuben: "No!"

Mama: "Yes, it is. That is just fine." (yells): "Thank you, Sean!"

Reuben: "No! Mom! He is putting bites into his mouth, and then SPITTING them onto Ari's tray!"


So what is happening around your house today?

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  1. I'm late reading this...brings a whole new meaning to the word 'giving' :-)