Thursday, May 12, 2011

38 weeks

and thinking it's about time to get the baby clothes, blankets, carriers and car seat out of storage

relishing an 8-hour night of sleep this late in the game

feeling way too comfortable and mobile for being so far along

giving Ari extra squeezes because his babyhood is ending

feeling thankful that Whitney asked for more photos of Snake Hill because it alerted me to the fact that the camera battery is DEAD

trying desperately to keep up with the dishes and laundry

abandoning cloth diapers for the easy-peasy disposable ones

making last minute trips to the chiropractor

trudging through Target with all five of my boys for non-essentials that seem terribly essential suddenly

checking out name books from the library

huffing and puffing up and down our hill

eating a Paleo diet and loving my un-swollen feet and low sugar numbers

dozing in front of Mad About You reruns in the evenings

cooking huge pots of refried beans for the freezer

warding off attacks from the new kitten

dreaming of starting a million new knitting projects suddenly

reading books about childbirth

living at the doctor's office (3-5 times per week)

wondering if I can hold on to the title of Queen

falling behind in my book club book because it seems to require a level of concentration that I just don't have



moving forward!

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  1. Oh sissy, you will always be Queen, even if this baby is a princess and not a prince. You embody the characteristics for which I strive...and I may be biased, but I think you're amazing.