Thursday, February 7, 2013


My favorite quotes from the first 72 hours after Beatrice was born:

Delivery nurse: "Oh honey! I think you're in shock!"
Karissa: "Sobbing in my bed. Thrilled beyond measure that you have a DAUGHTER"

Brenda:"Is this a joke?"
Casey: "SHUT UP!"

Meshak:  "Are you sure?"
Cole: "A sister, I've always wanted a sister, I can't believe I have a sister! I have to wake up from this dream!"
 Brigitte:  "Mom's trying to find something to wear that is pink and wishing she had a pink boa."

Sam:  "I think I heard your mom scream."
Justin: "Honey, when I was holding the baby this morning" (1 hour old) "I just kept trying to think of having to marry her off, and I couldn't do it. I'm not ready. I think it's too soon."
Cole: "She's going to be such a beautiful woman some day!"
Ari: (jumping up and down): "I! LIKE! BABY! BEA! I! LIKE! BABY! BEA!"
Sean: "Can I hold her?"
Cole: "Can I hold her?"
Reese: "Can I hold her?"
Sean: "Can I hold her?"
Reuben: "She's so fragile, if she just tapped her fingers against something, they would all break off. You have to be CAREFUL."
Justin: "I have to build her a bedroom!"
Sean: "Can I see her possibility cord?"
Justin: "Sean, you can't run around naked anymore. Go put your underwear on RIGHT NOW!"

Oh Baby Bea, how you rocked our were worth our wait!

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