Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Every time I go through this journey of carrying a baby I am reminded how absolutely vivid and real pregnancy dreams are. Three nights ago I woke up covered in a feeling of dread, having just dreamt that Justin was leaving me. It's been days now and I still can't shake that unbelievable feeling of grief.

Last night I dreamt that it was present-time and that my labor was starting. I woke in a panic, thinking, no, it's too early, it's not time yet. There are five more weeks. Once I was able to shake the panic and began to settle my mind down, I remembered that the other part of my dream was that there were 3 elk walking around in the kitchen. So for now I am content to resolve that it was just a crazy pregnancy dream, and not a moment of mother's intuition!


  1. Hello Friend~
    I'm so sorry you had such fearful dreams. It is an awful feeling to wake up to- and I can relate to not being able to shake it even after a few days. Those dreams feel so real. Praying for you- and that when you sleep tonight- God will give you beautiful dreams of roses in your kitchen, your sweet baby boy coming on his due date- and you and Justin renewing your wedding vows. :) Love ya, Kristie
    PS- We missed you at small group last night! Hope you were able to deserve it!

  2. Dear Kristie, thank you...I will ponder your words and keep them close to my heart!

  3. Kim, I wish you sweet dreams and pray that the anxiety of it all will subside. On a lighter note, tonight when you sleep, tell your dreams: 1) Justin can't leave you because I won't have it and 2) He can't leave regardless because you're only halfway to eight. :)

  4. I had a dream when I was pregnant that I took the baby out and then realized he wasn't done (I believe this was Connor) so I just stuck him back in (don't ask me how!).

    Love those pregnancy dreams! (Don't even ask about the one where the baby stood straight up in my belly)


  5. Oh Kim, I am so with you on the pregnant dreaming. I dreamt last night in fact that I gave up the homeschool idea and put the kids in public school only to go to check on them in gym class the first day (yeah, bad news...) to find that the boys were all running the mile lap BUCK NAKED. I grabbed my kids and took them home! I've been analyzing it all day and like you am sure I need to chill out and ask for sweeter thoughts tonight. Much love to you and the boys.