Saturday, November 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Reuben!

My little boy is two years old today. He's just barely getting his birthday in before our new little buddy is born next month. He is about to be a big brother, but the "baby" side of him still wants to snuggle up with his momma and his blanket and watch a movie. He is increasingly frustrated with my growing belly and the way it pushes him off of my lap. I keep telling him it won't be much longer now!

I hope he understands.

And now, for one of my all-time favorite pics: Reubsy, on the pot, wearing the science goggles.



  1. Hello Friend, Sometimes I wonder if it is God's design to have pregnant mamas be lap-less for awhile---to help the older kids adjust to not having as much one on one time with mom. Sort of the Lord's way of preparing their little hearts for the changes ahead. Praying for Reuben- that God will bless him big time in this next year...and that he will get his mommy's lap back soon. Love, Kristie

  2. That picture is gold, many blessings on your sweet little boy as he grows up in an incredible family, may he know someday how very blessed he is to be a part of it.