Friday, February 15, 2008

la, la la

My funny valentine...

Did you have a nice day yesterday? I cooked all day...heart-shaped blueberry pancakes for the boys for breakfast (thanks Jill for the idea!) and all the fixings for Valentines dinner. Whew! The payoff was worth it when Justin finally got home and we could all sit down to one of our family's favorite meals: Guiness-braised corned beef, garlic smashed red potatoes, green beans and challah....and double chocolate torte souffle with raspberry orange sauce. Yum!
The highlights of the day were watching a Little House DVD in the afternoon with Cole while we braided the challah together, and curling up as a family on the couch after dinner to watch some of Planet Earth--my valentine's surprise for Justin. And watching "Big Love" with Jus after the boys went to bed. We just shake our heads. Justin says, "All those wives! Too complicated!"


  1. Love the V-day shirt! He's getting so big and smiley already! Wow, I'm impressed at your dinner spread! That definately tops our spaghetti meal! It sounds like you all had a wonderful family day yesterday which is so great! "Big Love"? Haven't heard of that show.

  2. aaahh! He is sooooo adorable. Almost makes me want #4. But I also want sleep. :) Your boys are adorable, your husband amazing, and you are gorgeous! I've enjoyed my stay here at your blog.

    Thanks for stopping by 'my place' earlier and commenting!