Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Few Fun Things

daddy brought home a snake...

reuben brought home a snail

and a mothwaaayyyy too much excitement on the first day of school

(c'mon, reese, SMILE)
morning walks to the park

swinging in the sun
this week: first time pulling up to standing!


  1. I would have keeled over had my husband brought a snake home. I get paralyzed even when I see one on the road...from my car!

    You have cute babies! It was fun to see so many pictures of them.

  2. Kim, your littlest guy is getting big! Watch out now... he's going to be on the run like the rest of them too soon!

  3. That pic of Sean is absolutely gorgeous! He is beautiful. Glad you are enjoying the outdoor creatures, the days are waning of getting to be outside looking for them. Can't believe it's October already...