Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tag, I'm It

So, back in August, my new bloggy friend leah tagged me for a blog post, and....well, I am apparently THAT behind. But it's great fun--and leah, I am doing this mainly for you, because my parents and my best friend (the only other people who read this blog) probably already know these things about me!

4 things

4 things I was doing 10 years ago:

1) Moving into my first apartment! Lovingly called the Peach Pit by the locals (90210 nod, yes?), it was a four-story peach stucco building on the south side of campus with bright turquoise doors. Lovely. (And all I could afford). On move-in day, I entered the apartment to find candles burning and the TV blaring, and the roommate nowhere to be seen (she was in another part of the building visiting a neighbor). I wondered what I had gotten myself into....but sure enough, we survived two years in that flat with no fires! Hurrah!
2) Swooning over My One, knowing that he was absolutely the missing half of me and trying to do the hard work of sorting through our baggage ahead of time so that we could (hopefully) have an uncomplicated marriage in the future...
3) Volunteering as a counselor at the local pregnancy center. Important work, yes, but very overwhelming. Every Friday afternoon, when I returned home from my shift, I would collapse on top of my bed and sleep for about three hours--sleep being my No. 1 Coping Mechanism.
4) Biting my nails off with the stress of having to "write on cue" for all of my major classes.

4 things on my to-do list for today:

1) Make 7-layer burritos for dinner (check)
2) Make a model of the Nile River, plant its banks with Cereal Rye and flood it to make the crops grow (tabled--forgot to buy the potting soil)
3) Wash a load of cloth dipes (check)
4) Spend 15 mins cleaning my entryway (Flylady....check....good thing, too, since one of the boxes sitting there has been there since July!)

4 random things I love about my husband:

1) He understands me. Absolutely. My every moment, be it Crazy, Scattered, Furious, Weepy or Stressed (how are those for dwarves?) fits perfectly into his understanding of who I am....which means that he is never surprised by me....and which means that I never have to be something that I am not. He loves me unconditionally.
2) He turns the light off for me when I fall asleep reading, and tells me stories on the nights I can't sleep.
3) He has gifted me with my four most favorite sons on this planet.
4) He knows how to FIX stuff....anything! Oh, and he sews. And irons. (Is that six? Sorry.)

4 jobs that I have had:

1) Restaurant critic for a local online guide.
2) THE BEST bagel sandwich maker. Test me on this. You will not be disappointed.
3) A server at Red Robin. Yes, I made good money, No, I didn't like it (I had to talk to people--apparently that's part of the job), Yes, I once dumped a chocolate milkshake on a little boy, No, he didn't sue.
4) Vault teller at our local credit union--a job I LOVED (money and numbers, ahh)--and would have done longer if God hadn't decided that honeymoon babies are cool.

4 movies I have watched more than once:

1) The Office DVDs (standard Sunday afternoon fare at our house)
2) Pike Place Market: soul of a city (my mother-in-law bought this for me and I can't tell you how many times I've watched it...Great background movie for laundry folding!)
3) Sliding Doors
4) Keeping the Faith know what I have never watched, even though it's sitting on my shelf? My wedding video!

4 places I have lived:

1) my childhood home in Kirkland WA--where I lived until I moved away to college

2) on the 39th floor of a 42 floor highrise in Honolulu...but just for a summer

3) in a condo on a golf course on Hawaii....but just for a summer

4) in a teensy shoebox of a house on Iron Street...our first house!

4 places I have been:

1) building a church in Jamaica

2) at the theatre in London

3) at the rim of the crater on Mt St Helens

4) wandering the Louvre and Notre Dame

4 places I want to visit:

1) the Grand Canyon

2) Alaska

3) Norway

4) Greece

4 TV shows I watch (on our two channels! woohoo!):
1) Survivor
2) The Office
3) Cosby show reruns
4) The Andy Griffith show

4 things you (leah) may not know about me:
1) When I was little I was a tomboy too. Most of my best friends were boys. Two of my girlfriends and I started a club where we gave ourselves boys' names: Tom, Tommy and Thomas. I was Thomas. I wanted to have a baby brother and live on a farm.
2) My dad helped me buy my first car at 17 so I could start classes at the local community college. It was a stick shift and I was anxious about driving it...and about going to college...and on my first day, I missed my exit back to high school and ended up in downtown Seattle!
3) In high school, I took Photography, International Cuisine and Auto Technology.
4) In kindergarten, I won a goldfish at my school's Harvest Carnival. It went on to live for five years and got me into a lot of trouble. It would jump out of the water at night and the splashing kept me from sleeping. Of course my parents didn't buy that story and I got reprimanded often for making up untruths about the poor goldfish and not staying in my bed. (they finally saw him one night and all was made right!)

Your turn! The four people I tag are:
1) Jill (can you do this with dial-up?!)
2) Karissa
3) Janine
4) Lynne!


  1. STILL laughing! This was great! We both lived in peach stucco buildings!

    Ahhhh, you have a wonderful husband...loved the part about having to talk to people at your job--no wonder you loved it at the vault! Honeymoon babies, the goldfish...TOMBOYS...and how ever did you get into Seattle when you missed your exit? Over the 520?

    Thanks for doing this--it was entirely worth the wait!

  2. Oh, you did not just tag me.

    I will work on it - but just so you know I am not speaking to you until we meet for small group again (unless of course you need me for any reason).

  3. You missed...
    4 things other people thought about Kim in 1998 (and are still true!):

    smarty-pants (yo, Honors, woot-woot)
    a great cook
    very, very funny

    I think we're coming your way in November! I'll keep you posted.

  4. Leah: I-90! sigh...

    Jill: laughing out loud at you!

    Laura: I am adding "yo, honors, woot-woot" to my List Of Things I Should Say More Often! That might be my favorite blog comment EVER.

  5. Even I who have known you for 20 years did not know all of these things-how fun! I will get to my writing soon, sounds like good distraction from real life to me :-)