Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How Many Things Are Wrong With This Sentence?

Quote of the Day:

"Mama, when you lay a baby and it's a mom, THEN you can be a mailman." --Reuben, age 4


  1. I have it all figured out. Reuben makes perfect sense (isn't this the same kid who told me he was pregnant, or was that Sean)? His wisdom is the melding of the idea that chickens lay eggs (babies), and when it is a girl (egg), hence, all girls will be mothers because that is what girls do in his world...THEN, well, then, umm, then...well, is your mailman a woman?

  2. I think that's as close as it's gonna get! We were watching a library movie about the post office and I confessed that I always sort of wanted to be a mailman. "Mail WOMAN," Cole corrects me. Reuben says, "well maybe when you grow up you can be a mailman." Me: "But I AM grown up. And my job is here, with you." And then his comment. I'm wondering if he thinks that if I gave birth to a girl, then I would be grown up for REAL...instead of all this pretending business.