Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Heard

Cole: "Reese, can you believe that in the olden days, kids thought they had to be good for a whole YEAR so that they wouldn't get coal in their stockings? A WHOLE YEAR! I can't believe it. I don't think I could even be good for a day!"


Reuben (sings Jingle Bells loudly, then stops suddenly): "The part I don't get is 'one-horse open sleigh.' Why 'one-horse open sleigh'? Why that?"

Cole: "Reuben, it doesn't REALLY mean one horse is there. It just means that the sleigh is so big that one horse could fit INSIDE it."

Reuben: "But I thought Santa had eight reindeer?"


Cole: "Mom, look! A guy with a bell and the bucket! Please, please could we do it?"

Mama: "Oh, sure! But let's do our shopping first so I make sure I have enough money for the groceries. Then we'll do the bucket."

Reese: "Wait. What is that guy doing?"

Cole: "He is collecting money to give to people who are poor."

Reese: "I don't get it. So are we getting some out? Or putting some in?"

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