Sunday, January 23, 2011

January at Snake Hill Is....

....detoxing from holiday sugar highs. Taking a weekend trip to the mountains to be present at the burial of Grandma's ashes. Spending time with extended family who are willing to move in with us for days at a time. Dreaming about vacationing at the beach this summer. Praying for a slew of loved ones who are experiencing sudden health problems. Anxiously awaiting the birth of a dear friend's baby. Reviewing cookbooks to discover new recipes. Pouring over seed catalogs with the boys and a marker, circling the ones we love, adding up the total, and trying to pare down to our favorites. Ordering said seeds and stalking the mail for them to come. Feeling blissful about getting to chat live with my beloved sister while she is experiencing renewal in Bali. Being laid off and feeling peace that we have not been forgotten. Meeting with nurses and obstetricians finally and getting to hear Baby's heartbeat! Getting to see Baby wiggle around on the ultrasound! Taking early screening tests for gestational diabetes....with good results! Counting the days until a reunion with long-lost friends. Eyeing still-full moving boxes with disdain and making a resolution to finally do something about them...

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  1. I'm looking for new recipes too!! I got one for you that you'll LOVE! Perhaps I will share and post it up on the 'ole blog -- the recipe has become one of our new faves...yum yum!

    Loved this post.